The year the world changed

This year started so innocent and normal. Like any other year then in March all hell broke loose and the rules just keep getting crazier. I’ve tried to stay in touch with all of you with the ever changing rules but that sometimes doesn’t get done before the game changes again.

The latest is one must get a test with in 72 hrs of entering Alaska. Problem is that across the country there is a huge variance on weather you can get the test. There are many problems with this new rule of the Governors. If you are traveling from the east coast by the time you reach Alaska you are past the 72 hrs. So then what happens? No one seems to have these answers.

So here we sit still waiting to go fishing. We want to thank all of our clients. We are grateful to have just wonderful clients who are willing to jump through the hoops to go fishing with us. Please know that we will be there to fish.

Thank you everyone. Dream BIG halibut