Rates / What To Bring


Full Day Halibut Trip                                                              $285 plus tax (3 person minimum)

1/2 Day Halibut Trip                                                               $200 plus tax (3 person minimum)

Glacier Trip                                                                            $800 plus tax (whole boat)

Whale Watching                                                                     $800 plus tax (whole boat)

Sight Seeing / Evening Sunset Tour                                      $150 per hour plus tax (per person)

Scientific Exploration / Hunting Drop off & Pickup / Area Transportation      Call for pricing


Packages available for Lodging, Ocean Trips, River Trips

Fish Processing and Rental Car Available

Call or Email for Available Dates and Package Pricing

What to Bring

At “Bottom to Top Charters” it’s all about the experience. Capt. Bill works his tail off to get you on the fish, but it’s also about the total Alaskan experience. We aim to make every outing a trip of a lifetime.  Weather in Yakutat can be unpredictable.  Please plan accordingly.

List of recommended things to bring

Clothing- You will be most comfortable for your visit to Yakutat if you plan on dressing in layers. Raingear is a must along with either technical fabrics or wool to layer under the raingear. Bring along footwear appropriate to your planned activities, usually rain boots, chest waders-imperative if fishing the river (no felt soles allowed), & hiking boots.

Fishing Tackle- Bring your own rod with reel for fishing on your own or with river guides. Halibut captains supply the heavy duty rods & reels that will be required for charter fishing. Terminal tackle may be purchased at the lodge, as well as three other stores in Yakutat, including a fly shop. Once you arrive you will be able to find out what is “hot” and buy it locally. For use when renting our ocean skiffs, we have a good supply of appropriate rods & reels complete with proper line for halibut fishing as well as trolling for salmon. We are also stocked on excellent quality herring in thee size that works best for fishing the bay in Yakutat & make sure we always have a supply of tackle for these excursions.

Food- Plan the meals for your stay & bring along the meats (don’t forget breakfast protein & lunch meats) & seasonings you will need (small amounts of spices and coatings can be put into baggies for easy transport). Meat selection in town is limited, pricey, all is frozen. Depending upon your baggage space, bring along the stable foods that tend to be more expensive such as jerky, cheeses, snack foods, etc. With the restrictions & costs involved with baggage today, buying much of your other food needs in Yakutat is sensible while being greatly appreciated by the Yakutat population. This is especially true for eggs, milk, bread, & even produce. Other than beer, alcohol can be another good item to bring along.